Although it is a hormone that brings out male sexual traits, testosterone is found in both guys and girls. Steroids cause muscles to grow at a rapid pace, making them popular among athletes. Steroids are ILLEGAL to buy, sell or use without a doctor's prescription, and can permanently damage your body if abused. There are mainly two different types of steroids:

Corticosteroids do NOT build muscles. Instead, they are usually prescribed to reduce swelling.

Anabolic Steroids, which causes growth in muscles, are the type of steroids athletes use to quickly gain strength. However, they can also mess up normal hormone functions and cause other changes in the body, as well as cause the user to become a target for illnesses and mood swings known as "roid rages".

Athletes and Doping

Here are a few examples of athletes who are known to have abused performance-enhancing drugs:

  • The NBA has suspended Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo 10 games without pay for violating the league and union's anti-drug program with a positive test.
  • Olympic sprinter Marion Jones admitted lying to investigators who asked her after the fact if she had used performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez admits to use of PEDs.