TeenLink Hawaii (TLH) is a youth empowerment, outreach, and education program that provides information and referral services for teens in Hawaii.

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Steroids are artificial versions of the hormone testosterone.
 Testosterone is found in both guys and girls and bring out male sexual traits, as well as, causes muscles to grow. 

Steroids are ILLEGAL to buy, sell or use without a doctor's prescription. Also, there are different types of steroids.
Corticosteroids do not build muscles.  Instead, it is usually prescribed to reduce swelling.
Another types of steroids is Anabolic Steroids, which causes growth in muscles.  However, it can also mess up normal hormone functions and cause other changes in the body, as well as, cause the user to become a target for illnesses and mood swings, also known as "roid rages".



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TeenLink Hawaii (TLH) is a program of the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii. 
TLH is sponsored by Hawaii Youth Services Network (HYSN).
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