TeenLink Hawaii (TLH) is a youth empowerment, outreach, and education program that provides information and referral services for teens in Hawaii.

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Our world is always changing. Look out your window long enough, and you might see the weather change. Look even longer, and you'll see the seasons change. The Earth's climate is changing, too, but in ways that you can't easily see.

Global Warming as well as freeze-overs have always been a natural process for the earth, as early as when the earth began its formation. But today's kind of global warming simply means the Earth is getting warmer from heat-trapped gasses (of which some continue to be natural and produced by the earth itself). But human activity has caused a significant rise in more unnatural, man-made gasses. This has caused the natural process of global warming to shift into high-gear. Since the Industrial Revolution came about and as human populations around the world continue to grow, so does global warming...exacerbated by pollution, heat from a concentration of roads and buildings in urban areas, fumes and fossil fuel burning from factories, vehicles, and other forms of gas producing technologies; in general, most of what we consume [that is not naturally grown] or produce contributes to unnatural gasses in our atmosphere). 

Greenhouse Gasses are also a global warming phenomena. This is caused by heat being trapped by objects (such as buildings and roads). Unfortunately, warmer temperatures are causing other changes around the world, such as melting glaciers and stronger storms - just look at the eastcoast storm Sandy and the tornado that struck Oklahoma killing hundreds of people. These changes are happening because the Earth's air, water, and land are all linked to the climate. The Earth's climate has changed before, but this time is different. People are causing these changes, which are bigger and happening faster than any climate changes that modern society has ever seen before.

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