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Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that is categorized as a stimulant, which means that it speeds up the body's functions. It comes from leaves of the coca plant and 97% of the world's crop of coca is in South America. Street names include: coke, blow, the white, crack, ma'a, rocks, crank, bolo and many other names. Cocaine can be snorted, injected or smoked, and can do serious damage to the body no matter how it is used.

  • Cocaine affects the brain almost instantly, and changes the way the brain functions and receives messages and can make a person feel edgy nervous and irritable.
  • Taking large amounts of cocaine can cause paranoia and delusions.
  • Cocaine use can also cause headaches, strokes and seizures.
  • Cocaine can change the rhythm of the heartbeat and cause heart attacks.
  • Cocaine makes the blood vessels get narrower and cause blood pressure to go up.
  • If cocaine is snorted often, it can cause nose bleeds from damaged nasal passages.
  • Heavy cocaine users appear to be malnourished or really skinny because it takes away the feeling of being hungry.

  • The distribution and abuse of cocaine in Hawaii is associated with homicides, assaults and child abuse/neglect cases.
  • In 2006, 280 arrests were made in Hawaii for powder and rock cocaine.
  • In 2008 about 4% of state funded treatment facilities were due to cocaine use.
  • In 2011, 6.4% of Hawaii's youth used some form of cocaine (YRBS 2011).

Taking cocaine alone is a bad idea, but mixing it with alcohol is even worse. 

These two substances combined in the body makes cocaethylene,which is more toxic and deadly than either of those drugs alone. There are more deaths from this cocaine and alcohol combination than any other pair of drugs. 

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