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One common question about depression is, "Why do I feel this way?". But is it depression that you are feeling or is it just bouts of sadness once in a while?

When you have depression it is beyond just "feeling sad". It is an overwhelming sense of sadness, a really deep feeling of despair that you can't shake no matter what you do, and even being angry at everyone and everything no matter what the circumstances are, or how good things may get. 

Sadness and feeling overwhelmed with life once in a while is normal...in fact, welcome to being human. It is part of living  and experiencing the "trials and tribulations" of your life and of becoming an adult...all these things can contribute to feeling overwhelmed, which in turn can make you feel totally deflated and defeated.  

What I'm saying is that it's okay to feel sad once in a while. It's okay to feel overwhelmed...and when you do, go out, take a walk, ride your bike, go surfing, or swimming, call your friend who makes you laugh, even closing your eyes and practicing some meditation techniques  may help...basically...remove yourself temporarily from what gives you these feelings of sadness.  Just step away, take a break...put yourself in a happy place for an hour or two, then come back when you are feeling a little refreshed and tackle what you need to or face what you need to face. 

If you think you are suffering from depression CLICK HERE...read up a little more about it...and how you can get some help. 

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                              WebMD: Causes of Depression (Click Here)

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For more information about other factors that may be contributing to your "sadness":

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