TeenLink Hawaii (TLH) is a youth empowerment, outreach, and education program that provides information and referral services for teens in Hawaii.

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Between 1.6 and 2.8 million children runaway in America every year. (National Runaway Safeline) 

While many youth runaway from personal problems, many don't realize what bigger dangers are out there when living on the streets.

Possible Dangers of Running Away teen link hawaii teenlink

No Money - Money is required for basic necessities that your body needs such as food and water. Without money, getting theses things are harder and teens often resort to crime or get taken advantage of by adults who promise them money.
No Food
- We all need food and nutrients for our body to be healthy. Without food, many become weak, lethargic and malnutrition. Making the body weaker will also affect your bodies immune system, therefore making it harder for your body to fight off viruses and illnesses.
Nowhere to sleep - Not having a safe place to sleep is dangerous for a runaway. Many streets are often noisy, busy and dangerous at night. Another factor is the weather, with the temperature dropping at night or heavy rain, it is also a health hazard.

No Advice - If running away alone, many don't have someone that they can turn to in time of need or advice. You many find yourself in a situation that you need help or advice about before putting yourself in danger.

Crime - With no money or food, many runaways and homeless turn to crime. Theft is a common crime because they can sell the items for money.

Substance Abuse - Many turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to try and escape from their problems. Substance abuse and addiction also needs to be funded by money, which some turn to crime to pay for their dependency. Not only can substance abuse lead to crime, but it is also very dangerous for ones health.

If you find yourself or a friend facing this issue, please reach out to a trusted adult or call the National Runaway Safeline, where support and help is available!

National Runaway Safeline

Call 1-800-RUNAWAY if you are a teenager who is thinking of running from home, if you have a friend who has run and is looking for help, or if you are a runaway ready to go home.

Call 1-800-RUNAWAY if you care about a youth and want information on how you can help someone who may be at risk of running from home.

Call 1-800-RUNAWAY if you are a teacher looking for information to pass along to your students about youth homelessness or the reality of life on the streets.

Our 24-hour crisis line has an experienced front-line team member ready to help you now. If you're not ready to call, you can post to our bulletin board, send an email, or start a live chat. It’s anonymous, confidential and free.

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For more information on issues concerning running away:



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